Instructions and advice

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How to Make a 3" No Sew Hooked Rug Ornament from a Loop by Loop Studio Rug Hooking Kit!

A general introduction to primitive rug hooking

This video will show you the easiest way to break into Primitive Rug Hooking with Hayley Perry from Loop by Loop Studio. Basic equipment, stitches, and tips are reviewed!

No sew hooked rug coaster tutorial

Find out my method for making No-Sew coasters from your rug hooking project!

What is in a loop by loop Studio rug hooking kit, anyway?

Thinking about giving the craft of rug hooking a try? This video described what comes in a Loop by Loop Studio Rug Hooking Kit! All materials are high quality cotton and 100% wool! 

Finishing Your Primitive Hooked Rug with Rug Binding Tape

This video demonstrates how to finish your hooked rug project with rug binding tape - one of the simplest, quickest ways to finish your rug. This method of finishing holds up to both floor and wall use.

Using a Variety of Sizes, Patterns, and Textures in Your Primitive Rug Hooking Project

This video is a guide to common sizes, patterns, and textures found in Primitive Rug Hooking using wool fabric strips. Adding various wools can help create more contrast and visual interest within your rug!

Choosing a Hoop for Your Loop by Loop Studio Rug Hooking Project Kit

This video describes the best style and size hoop for your rug hooking project kit from Loop by Loop Studio!

All about three different foundations for rug hooking! Check out our supplies, designs, and kits at! Subscribe to keep up to date on all our new videos!