About Us

Loop by Loop Studio is a multi-generational, family-run, rug hooking business!  We have over 20 years of experience in the fiber art field.  We are experienced dyers, draftsmen, hookers, and teachers.  Loop by Loop Studio is the combined effort of mother/daughter duo, Hayley and Sharon Perry.

Sharon grew up in Newfoundland, Canada but moved to Southeastern, Massachusetts 39 years ago where she raised her family.  Now Hayley is also settled here, just a few towns over.  Sharon was exposed to rug hooking via her family members who still live in Canada where rug hooking is a very popular art form.  After one visit, she brought that knowledge home with her and taught Hayley, who now crafts along side her.  Since starting to sell rugs on the road at various fairs and festivals a few years ago, we decided to name ourselves and start this website to broaden our horizons and connect with more fiber enthusiasts!

We are also experienced rug hooking teachers.  We feel like it is important to break out from behind the computer screens every once in a while and educate our local community on the benefits of this fiber art.  Many people are interested in this craft form and just need a little nudge to get going.  We hope to provide the encouragement that students need to rug hook by always reinforcing that students stop their worrying and just enjoy themselves!



Hayley Perry is a fine and fiber artist, draft person, webmaster, writer, marketer, designer, order filler, mailer, researcher, painter, dyer, and hooker.  Hayley went to school for fine arts, eventually gaining a master’s degree in painting in 2011. Although painting is still a driving force in her life, rug hooking allows her passion for design to shine and brings her closer to her families roots in this traditional North American craft.  In addition to running this website and business, Hayley also sells wool, rug hooking supplies, and decor items on Etsy.

Visit Hayley’s Etsy shop for more information.






Sharon Perry has over 20 years of experience designing and hooking her own patterns, rugs, and kits.  She’s basically taught the rest of us what we need to know about rug hooking.  In addition to being a great fiber artist, Sharon has operated successful online businesses on Ebay and Etsy for over 15 years.

Visit Sharon’s Ebay and Etsy shops for more of her kits and rug hooking products!





About Our Process:  We consider ourselves primitive rug hookers because of our wool width and overall design style.  We primarily use a number 6-8 width strip and a Joan Moshimer “coarse” size hook.  We use a combination of Rigby and Bolivar wool cutters.  Both of us also primarily use a Cheticamp floor rug hooking frame to hook on and prefer to work on linen as a foundation.