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Wooden Rug Hooking Frame with Gripper Strips in Hand Painted in Antique Red or Teal


This listing is for one hand made rug hooking frame with gripper strips from my shop Loop by Loop Studio. This frame is perfect for fiber craft projects where you need to stretch a pattern drum tight, such as rug hooking, punch needle, embroidery, etc. This frame is an affordable option for beginners looking for a major upgrade from a hoop or those looking for a portable frame for crafting on the go!

This frame is a simple picture frame style (1.5 inch thick) and is painted in your choice of antique red or antique teal. I painted these frames in a "distressed" style in order to make it a shabby chic, decorative addition to your home. I kept it flat so it is easy to transport and use on the go!

The outside of this frame measures 13 by 13 inches and the inside working area measures 10.5 by 10.5. The wood is a study 1 1/2 inch thick and each gripper strip measures 1.25 by 10 inches. The 4 gripper strips nailed with 8 cute, decorative brass nails on each side.

The gripper strips are the best part of these frames because they will allow you to stretch your burlap, monks cloth, or linen drum tight in order to work on your project. The metal spikes of the strip catch your project, much like velcro for fabric, and allow you to tighten your project and move it around with ease. You can also stretch already completed parts of your project (gently) over the gripper strips without the worry of having it tear or rip.

I like to use this frame while relaxing on the couch or while sitting at a table. It's lightweight enough to throw in a bag and travel with which but sturdy enough that it's not going to break if dropped. Each frame varies slightly in it's finish since these frames are hand painted. Please feel free to message me if you would like more photos or have any questions!

This frame will be shipped in a sturdy box via USPS priority mail.

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