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The Pink Mix - 150 Hand Cut #6 Wool Strips for Rug Hooking


This is a listing for 150 hand cut #6 sized woolen strips most commonly used for hand hooked primitive rug making. This listing includes the following:

25 pink and green plaid

25 hand dyed pink

25 fuchsia

25 light textured pink

25 sherbet ombre

25 hand dyed rose

These strips are 100% wool, all previously washed and felted - most hand dyed. These particular pieces are about 6/32 of an inch in thickness (size number 6). Each strip is between 13 and 15 inches long.

I am always interested in custom supply orders so if you don't see the exact color you need, please contact me.

All wools come from a non-smoking home. Please note: all wools are hand cut so there might be very slight variations in thickness.

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