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Small Group Instruction Two-Hour Long Primitive Rug Hooking Instruction


This class time is for groups of two or more!  Rug hooking is always more fun with a friend!  Start a project together or maybe you are looking to finish a project you've had but need a little refresher?  Would you like to color plan a pattern you bought on a whim?  Maybe you want to design a project with me and start it before you leave?  Maybe you all need something different.

Well this two hours is specifically devoted to your group and whatever you all need!  Just email me and let me know how I can help and we can block off an amount of time just for you (I'm available Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays, and most Saturdays with enough notice).

Please note that this "Class fee" only covers time - there will be additional costs for any materials purchased from my studio.  Please purchase one "class" per person in your group.  I can accommodate four people at one time (please email me if you have a larger group).

Email me at info@loopbyloopstudio if you have any questions about class time or availability.

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Two Hour Long One-on-One Instruction (1).jpg

Additional Info


All classes at Loop by Loop Studio are taught by Hayley Perry.  Hayley has experience teaching a variety of art classes to a variety of age groups: Kindergarten through high school, adult education, one-on-on art instruction, and special education.  Hayley has taught drawing, painting, general art, and an array of primitive rug hooking classes.  Please email if you have any questions about our classes!