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A Great Big Mix - 525 Hand Cut #8 Wool Strips for Primitive Rug Hooking


This is a listing for 525 hand cut woolen strips most commonly used for hand hooked primitive rug making. This listing includes the following:

25 charcoal herringbone

25 grey windowpane

25 warm white

25 oatmeal

25 over dyed brown windowpane

25 cranberry

25 bright red

25 rusty red

25 hand dyed antique orange

25 hand dyed light ornage

25 light yellow textured

25 mustard

25 olive textured

25 hand dyed leaf green

25 hand dyed light teal

25 hand dyed blue

25 royal herringbone

25 hand dyed purple

25 hand dyed light purple

25 hand dyed bubblegum pink

25 light textured pink

These strips are 100% wool, all previously washed and felted - most hand dyed. These particular pieces are about 1/4 inch in thickness (size number 8). Each strip is between 13 and 15 inches long.

I am always interested in custom supply orders so if you don't see the exact color you need, please contact me.

All wools come from a non-smoking home. Please note: all wools are hand cut so there might be very slight variations in thickness.

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