Making your own hooked rug ornaments or coasters is an easy way to make a complete project with quick finishing.  I love giving these out as gifts around the holidays and now with our Make Your Own Ornament or Coaster Kits, you will have everything you need to complete four coasters or ornaments!

Here are the standard hooking instructions to help you get started:

Hooking instructions.jpg

STEP 1: Once you've finished hooking all your pieces, you should trim your monks cloth foundation 1/2 to 1 inch around each hooked piece. 

STEP 2: Iron both sides of your hooked piece to flatten and felt the wool loops.  Fold the white edges of the monks cloth to the back of the hooked piece and use a lot of steam to flatten in place. You should not be able to see any monks cloth edges from the front of the piece and should only see a sliver of the monks cloth when looking at the piece from the side.

STEP 3:  Now we are going to use a product called Heat N' Bond (found at most craft stores and online), which is a heat activated double sided glue paper.  Place your Coaster or Ornament face DOWN so we are looking at the back.  Trim a piece of Heat N Bond Paper to a touch larger than your piece and place on top of the coaster back, GLUE SIDE DOWN.  Iron over the paper, using a lot of steam. Let sit for 40-60 (wait until cool) seconds then peel the paper off the glue.

STEP 4: Now it is time to prepare the back for our piece.  Our back is a wool scrap from my pile.  Trace your ornament or coaster onto the felt piece using a colored marker (I use red so I can see it) and cut out using your decorative shears.  Place that felt on the back of the piece to iron.  If you are making an ornament, now is the time to sandwich a hanger (I use a wool strip) between the glue and felt back.  Iron with a lot of heat and steam.  Let cool for 40-60 seconds and test a corner to see if your piece is stuck together.  If not, repeat Iron and steam.  Add more Heat N Bond glue if necessary.

photo 5.JPG