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Brand New Kit Packaging!

I spent my summer working on some new and improved designs and packaging for my DIY Rug Hooking Kits!  These kits now come in a box wrapped up with a bow and have brand new customized, pretty labels! These kits now look appropriate enough to give as a gift to your favorite crafter or just […]

Two New Kits For Sale on the Site!

It’s been the busiest season yet for Loop by Loop Studio!  Since last fall I have been busy teaching a ton of workshops and classes, we had a couple Christmas-time festivals, and I have been busy designing and producing more kits for the website! Well since it’s now March, I can show you what I’ve […]

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Fun with Roving

I scored some roving wool at the last festival we vended at and I couldn’t be happier with it! Of course I wanted to work on some projects that pay homage to the almighty sheep. I started using it for the swirls in one of my shaped pieces to try it out. Once I got […]

Summer Summer Summertime….(and a coupon code)

This is a summertime post, when things are less about business and more about stopping and enjoying the breeze through the warm summer’s air.  I’ve been doing just that – things have calmed down a bit since the Wickford Art Fair and I have been a little indulgent in my rug hooking by finishing a […]

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A Little Less Bright…

Yesterday I decided to turn some of my ultra-bright, generic colors into something a little more interesting… As a painter by trade, I often get caught up in the allure of pure pigments, but in reality bright, overly saturated hues rarely exist in nature.  I took a page from the book of color theory and decided […]


Rugs for Sale on Etsy!

I just put up seven of my newest small rugs for purchase on Etsy!  Since these designs are so popular, I’m actually selling them as Made to Order items, which means I will reproduce them with every sale, making them easy to customize with different colors, patterns, etc.     These small mats  are perfect […]


My First Beginner Kits

I am in the process of making my first kits for beginners and the designs are really turning out well.  Up until this point, I have always just focused on selling wool strips and patterns seperately, but that only accomodates people who already know and love the craft.  It’s time to get some beginner kits […]